WP-Optimize Premium 3.1.8 Nulled Free Download

WP-Optimize Premium is a revolutionary, all-in-one plugin that cleans your database, compresses your large images and caches your site.

WP-Optimize nulled plugin is popular and highly effective tool has everything you need to keep your website fast and thoroughly optimized! It help boost SEO, retain customers by reducing user bounce and do more with fewer server resources.

WP-Optimize Premium Nulled Features

Quickly Removes Post Revisions 

Every time you update a page or post on your WordPress, the site will immediately store a version of this. After a while, the revised posts can add more overhead to the database, where most of them are unnecessary. But with WP-Optimize, the plugin can easily remove post revisions with ease to keep your site running fast.

Empty Post Trash and Clear Post Auto-Drafts 

This feature isn’t something extremely important since people tend to forget the task. However, emptying and clearing these areas on your WordPress page is one best and efficient way to maintain your site.

No Need for Unnecessary Comments

The WP-Optimize plugin can thoroughly clean spam comments, and it can also delete all comments left in the spam queue. The plugin can also clear out unapproved comments before emptying the trash.

Rid of all Transient Choices

These are cached database queries designed to boost your site. The thing is, they can build up over time, and it eventually increases the database overhead. WP-Optimize does the work by removing all transient options, which should be cleared out often.

No Trackbacks and Pingbacks

This WordPress plugin will allow you to remove pingbacks & trackbacks from your site, giving you an easier and more seamless way of removing them. If you have a website, you would generally prevent these because there are always a ton of spammers who try to leech off authority using a trackback.

Scheduled Cleaning for Ease of Use

Scheduled cleaning is a useful feature if you tend to forget cleaning up your page. With this, you can easily set up the plugin to run a fixed and routine scheduled maintenance of your WordPress site.

Compresses Images

The WP-Optimize WordPress plugin comes with an image-compression tool that utilizes a cutting edge lossless compression method. It allows you to compress image files like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP. The feature helps the page load faster, essentially decreasing the server resources utilized by freeing space.


This feature involves retaining dynamic data in momentary storage space so it can be retrieved immediately. It’s also a sure way to guarantee that your web page loads at fast speeds.

Dwonload WP-Optimize Premium Nulled



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