Atomic Heart – Game Trailer

Get acquainted with the world of Atomic Heart.

Next to nobody had heard of Atomic Heart before it dropped a disturbing, explosive trailer in May 2018. Developer Mundfish has been off and on about sharing the game since then, but we’re encouraged by how good it looks every time a new video arrives. It’s still one of our most anticipated games that we know the least about.

An alternate reality Soviet-era first-person combat game with killer robots, clown-themed torture chambers, and grandmas trapped in flowing molecular glop. Yeah, it’s weird. Its combat is a mixture of shooting and melee swinging with improvised weapons, and the scarcity of ammo means you’ll want to sneak through some areas, too.

In January, Nvidia shared a new RTX trailer for Atomic Heart to show off ray tracing and DLSS support. As ever, Atomic Heart still looks stunning. It’s a really quick look that appears to show off the museum area we’ve seen in past videos along with a bit more melee and supernatural power combat.

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